Getting Tired: Coping with Stress and Getting Your Energy Back!

Are you sinking deeper and deeper into a vortex of stress? Feeling tired all the time? Help your body! Find out how on

Who is the main enemy of health and beauty?

Every woman is constantly stressed. This happens much more often than in men. The blame for this is a peculiarity of the female nervous system. Constant household routines: family, cleaning, controlling. All this becomes a factor in the emergence of stress. There is a feeling of spinning squirrels in a wheel, but even she has time to rest. And meanwhile fatigue grows, but women’s plight does not give a chance to rest, and so you try to get over it all. Sound familiar?

Such a rhythm of life becomes the cause of colds and acute respiratory viral infections. The further it is, the worse it is. Such a state can lead a person into depression. And from it, as you know, it is very difficult to get out.

In addition, stress and a bad mood affects the menstrual cycle, leads to early aging and problems with the body.

You don’t have to ignore it!

Don’t ignore the symptoms of stress and anxiety. At the first sign of them, start changing your life according to these 6 rules:

  1. Healthy Sleep. Lack of sleep is often the cause of bad moods. Sleep should last at least 7-8 hours. Melatonin, which is produced during sleep, has a positive effect on our body, preventing aging and inflammation. Before going to sleep, do not read the news, do not look at the screen of gadgets. Exposure to light reduces melatonin production.
  2. You should move! It is physical activity that brings joy and improves sleep. In addition to good shape, you will get a great mood!
  3. Live life to the fullest! See your friends, go to parks, theaters and museums. Share your experiences. If the stress doesn’t go away for a long time, see a psychologist.
  4. Don’t forget about rest. Give yourself a minute of rest every day. Prioritize your activities depending on their importance and urgency.
  5. Eat healthy foods! Eating healthy foods like vegetables, fruits, herbs, and dairy products helps with gut health and the production of serotin, the hormone of joy.
  6. Drink vitamins and minerals. Antidepressants are not always an option. They have strong side effects and a chance of addiction. Take them strictly as prescribed by a specialist. And before that, support your body with a course of good vitamins and minerals, which are almost nonexistent when you are under a lot of stress.