5 signs that a bad mood could be depression

A depressive state is bad for a person’s health and overall well-being. That is why it is so important to get medical help from a specialist in time and sign up for https://telegram-store.com/catalog/product-category/channels/beauty.

1 Depressed mood lasts longer than two weeks

Anyone can feel depressed, such as having bad legs, being upset and upset about work and personal life. Thus, in everyday life, a state of bad mood for a few hours to a few days is sometimes referred to as “depression. There’s no problem. We’re just used to it.

If your bad mood lasts more than two weeks, it may be part of depression as an illness. This symptom does not heal naturally and needs an expert. This criterion is described in the ICD-10 (10th edition International Disease Classification), a document relevant to all physicians in the world. ICD-10 summarizes international medical research and recommends diagnostic criteria for all diseases. The condition of two weeks is one of the main signs of clinical depression.

Does the onset of depression become faster? Of course, if you have other severe symptoms (suicide, food denial, obsession with your sinful light), doctors will determine the diagnosis without waiting for two weeks and begin treatment. If the symptoms are severe, doctors are urgently preserved and the diagnosis is not very important.

The feeling of depression is quite melancholy, not sad. People lose their movements, lose their energy and don’t know the energy to work or play. It can be sad and crying, but it’s more likely to be depressed or beaten up.

2 There is nothing to cheer you up

A typical symptom of depression is that you feel depressed and can’t feel cheerful and funny (Anguiania). Joking about others loses oxygen and your face is a nervous and polite laugh. A favorite needle is dusty, a gym membership is on fire, and a night out with a friend turns into endless torture.

In the past, all the sharp and pleasant emotions have become indifferent and unbearable physically, so only the necessities of work and minimal life remain in your life.

Your favorite needle is dusty, your gym membership is on fire, and your night with a friend turns into endless torture.

3 It becomes difficult to work and concentrate, fatigue sets in quickly

On the other hand, you lose motivation and interest. On the other hand, it is physically difficult to move and think about it.

People with depression may take a long time to think, make a decision, or remember and understand things. It is difficult to talk, and the conversation is always interrupted by long silences.

With depression, there is no need to hold a meeting or lower the truck, and she is not tired or broken. I feel a lot of fatigue in my daily life, such as working hours of personal computers and grooming. When minimal exertion is applied, the lead is poured into the limbs, the muscles hurt, and the head breaks. In the past it was possible to “polish” for days, but it is also necessary to rest and rest.

4 Self-criticism increases, tormented by intense guilt

When you are tired, work for several hours and try to lie down, it is unlikely that you are sick. First of all, he will think of laziness, procrastination, lack of discipline, maximum fatigue and exhaustion. Even though your productivity is further reduced, it is more likely that you will choose to work for exhaustion and blame yourself for exhaustion rather than resting and helping your doctor. It is also a symptom of depression that you explain yourself and increase your demands.

Strong guilt extends to the certainty of past events (“I was able to make it more different than a few years ago”), the awareness of sin, the current problem, the “karma reward” for past scandals. Sometimes I go.

5 Not wanting to live

Depression affects not only mood, but also the instinct for self-esteem. If there is no joy, and any action yields violence, it begins to question, “Is life worth living?” Should I protect myself and move forward?

People don’t want to give up their lives right away. This can be reflected in a lively, deeply pessimistic view of the future, using healthy dangerous amounts of alcohol and injuries such as cuts.

When thinking about suicide, it is best to consult a doctor as soon as possible and call an ambulance.